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TEAM TS WON golds in abo

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

The Key to Great Badminton

Despite all the challenges, we did it as one unit, one team.

Thank you to all the sponsors and partners for their support.

Special thanks to our Team Doctor Dr. Li HealthRock Chiropractic & Sports Medicine and his awesome team for all the care and treatment.

Congratulations to everyone! Awesome results from this past week's ABO tournament.

WS A Silver - Rachel Ye

WD A Gold - Jacqueline Zhang

WD A Semifinalist - Lucy Zhang, Gina Gong, Rachel Ye

XD A Gold - Winston Tsai, Jacqueline Zhang

XD A Semifinalist - Ad Lay

MD B Gold - Tim Kim, Winston Tsai

XD B Gold - Winston Tsai, Rachel Ye

XD B Semifinalist - Tim Kim, Jacqueline Zhang

XD B Cons Winner - Sahil Shankar

MD C Semi Finalist - Tim Kim, Wayne Kung

WD C Silver - Gina Gong, Lucy Zhang

WD C Semifinalist - Jacqueline Zhang, Alicia Chen

XD C Semifinalist - Lucy Zhang

MD Beginner Semifinalist - Joseph Lu, Sahil Shankar

Singles U9 Semifinalist - Abhinav Yadagiri

Doubles U9 Semifinalist - Abhinav Yadagiri

BS U11 Semifinalist - Yuvan Yadagiri

GS U11 Semifinalist - Olivia Chen

XD U11 Semifinalist - Yuvan Yadagiri, Olivia Chen

GS U13 Silver - Alicia Chen

XD U15 Silver - Anish Swamy, Alicia Chen

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