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Good coaching is based on the philosophy that learning is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every player is unique and has their own style.

From the novice to the high-level player: the coaching is tailored to bring out the best in the individual.

What level of coaching is right for you?

"His work ethics towards the game of badminton is above and beyond. As a coach, he is very passionate of what he does. He is very knowledgeable as a badminton official and as player. He has helped me become a better player."

John delfin, florida

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Atlanta Badminton Lesson

Students enrolled in the Novice Program are beginners to the sport of badminton. Everyone starts out as a beginner. Even Lin Dan was a novice when he first picked up a badminton racket. To develop into a world-class badminton athlete, one must first learn and develop the fundamental skills necessary for all true badminton players. This is the first phase of your badminton life, where you’ll learn and develop the proper skills in:

       General physical fitness for badminton
       Basic front-court, mid-court, and rear-court shots
       Basic mental approach to the game
       Knowing the rules and regulations of badminton


Once a player’s graduated from the Novice phase, she’s/he’s ready to move on to this next level. At the Intermediate level, players train to focus on most of the strokes and footwork in a predictable pattern of movement. More emphasis will be on placing shots to a specific area of the opponent’s side of the court. While still retaining and improving on the skills learned as a novice, this next phase of your training will concentrate more on:
       Advanced footwork
       Consistency on one’s front, mid, and back court shots
       More advanced serving, receiving, and shot tactics

Atlanta Badminton Lesson


Atlanta Badminton Lesson

Players who have reached this stage of their badminton life will have incorporated everything they’ve learned as a novice and intermediate player, preparing them to compete and train with the “A-Team.” You’ll be better prepared to execute all the shots you’ve developed, and employ them in rallies with an unpredictable pattern of placement and movement; you’ll get a better sense of what shots to use, and where to place them, to pressure your opponent. . . and to win more rallies. The Advanced training sessions will develop:
       Advanced footwork and consistency
       Advanced front, mid, and back court shots
       Advanced game and match tactics
       More advanced physical training


Now that your skills and abilities have vaulted you to the top, you can say you’re one of the best in the club, right? Not so fast. There’s more! Go for the gold and play with “The Big Boys & Girls”: time to move on to the ELITE level. Elite players at this stage are ready to compete in tournaments on the local, state, regional, national, and even the international stage. Elite training concentrates on playing and WINNING high-stakes matches and maintaining control; to know how to adjust your tactics on the fly; analyzing your opponent’s game; discovering and exploiting their weaknesses. And this is where you learn it with:
       Advanced game strategies
       Toughening your mental and emotional game
       High-level, advanced physical training
       Developing shot consistency in high-pressure situations

Atlanta Badminton Lesson
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